Anetto Password Saver

Anetto Password Saver 3.1

Anetto Password Saver is personal password manager that allows...

Anetto Password Saver is personal password manager that allows you to store all your passwords, logins and IDs neatly and securely on your computer.

Your password account is protected using 256-bit Rijndael encryption, approved by U. S. government. Anetto Password Saver keeps strangers away from accessing your private information.

You can easily save any secured data to internet services like e-mail, hosting and ftp access or web pages logins. Similar records can be united into groups.

Quicksearch is available to find necessary record at the moment. Also, you don`t have to invent passwords - you can generate random alphanumeric passwords proven to be far more secure than human-generated ones.

Other features include the ability to go to a URL directly, one click copy-to-clipboard support, tray pop-up menu. Anetto Password Saver is multiuser - so every member of your family or worker at your office can have its own password account.

Also, you can export groups of records or whole account to use it at office and import later at home. Enhanced multilanguage Windows XP user interface makes your interaction with Anetto Password Saver enjoyment.